Be Your Own Superhero Using The Power of Hope!!!

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My show is to spread Hope to Women Battling Infertility. It will have guests on who have been struggling with Infertility and came out the other side with a beautiful child. These guests will just be regular women, like myself. The show will be a vessel of Hope. It is meant to uplift and inspire. Most importantly, to show other women it can and does happen. Myself included. Each guest will give a bio about them self and about their struggles (what they where diagnosed with, how long they struggled, some of the hardest times they faced). All to be concluded with how they finally conceived. I will have some special guests who will be the expert in this field of infertility. To share ideas of other modalities that can be used while trying to conceive. The world of Infertility can be isolating. Let's spread the word. Talk openly and honestly about it. Let's spread the message of Hope!!!

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A vaulable and needed podcast (Posted 2018-09-25 15:59:09)

Love this idea, would be very interested in hearing more about this topic on the podcast. The work that Jessica does is amazing and others in the world need to know about it!

The most transformative Life Coach I have ever worked with (Posted 2018-09-10 10:14:30)

Jessica L. Conrad’s keen listening skills, coupled with her sincere desire to foster hope, and her personal and professional knowledge of challenging infertility, make her exceptionally qualified to host her own Podcast. Jessica helped me move through the stages of growth, on to acceptance. It was in the acceptance phase when I became pregnant. Without Jessica’s steady focus on hope, I would have surely given up. Jessica is the best at infertility coaching and she could benefit so many people via the medium of a podcast show. There is no coach with better energy and spirit than Jessica, and I thank her for that daily. Please vote so that others can experience the gift that Jessica gave to me. Thank you. Many blessings. Jennifer

Be Your Own Superhero (Posted 2018-09-09 12:16:54)

Wow! What a powerful message of Hope to the issue of infertility! Really brings such inspiration! This show should set the standard as well as be incorporated into all modalities addressing infertility! There is nothing else out there like this! There is so little focus on hope or support for women facing infertility and the number of women affected is increasing. We really need this show! Looking forward to seeing more! Thank you!

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