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F.A.B. makes personal development fun! This radio show is a personal development party over the airways. F.A.B. engages their listeners and gets them excited so their minds are open to learning important information about how to live productive, confident, resilient lives. Sarah and Sheila touch on many different self-help isssues and often have two different takes on one topic. Sarah Bernardi Carkner has been described as a cartoon character come to life! Her glass is always 1/2 full (usually with some green drink she made in her Vitamix) and she is an advocate of personal development. With a background in Neuroscience and Wellness Management, Sarah is passionate about the brain and body connection and loves to motivate people towards increased health in all dimensions of life. She is a Personal Success Specialist who uses her vast knowledge to help her clients gain the confidence and clarity they need to achieve their goals. Sheila Turner takes lemons and makes lemonade! She believes in pulling yourself up from the bootstraps (or in her case, by the ballet slippers) and making the best out of any situation. Over the past decade Sheila has helped hundreds of people navigate the grief process and work through life transitions. She has become the "go-to-girl" for those suffering from losses of any kind, inspiring individuals to deal with their situation in the most productive and healthy way possible. Sarah and Sheila have over 20 years of empowerment experience and want to help listeners take their life from flat to F.A.B.-ULOUS today!

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Hilarious!! (Posted 2018-09-01 16:15:24)

I could listen to you two all day

THESE TWO ARE INFORMATIVE (Posted 2018-09-01 14:58:31)

Love these ladies! Smart, strong, fun, funny

Lots of smiles. (Posted 2018-08-29 19:46:17)

Well this was fun.

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