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There is a real underbelly of the idea that when it comes to the differences held within social classes, we just can't really get to know our neighbors from different social class backgrounds. From inner city "hoods" to the "suburbs", people are often judging one another from a stance of being social class strangers. The Urban Roundtable is here to breakthrough this assumption and challenge a new school of thought which rest within the system that we all need each other. We can embrace this FACT and we as a society have the raw tools to build bridges of community from welfare checks to Ivy Leagues!

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VOTE FOR COCO!! (Posted 2018-08-25 20:01:11)

Coco you’re such a inspiration to all of us and we’re going to help you win this. I absolutely love, adore, and appreciate you. YOU GOT THIS!!!!!

You WANT THIS Talk Show! (Posted 2018-08-25 18:56:26)

Coco says: "While I was so busy thinking to myself that I couldn't merge over into middle class America, I discovered a lot of people from middle class America often felt that they couldn't connect with people from my type of background [welfare check poverty]. Well, that's a myth! And, we're going to bust through that myth. My talk show is going to bring everyone to the table." THIS is the kind of woman we NEED to host a talk show! She has a magical ability to find common ground and bring people together! So rare in today's America.

United (Posted 2018-08-24 13:16:50)

I completely vote for this show host . This world has enough individuals who separate us and Find ways to divide and conquer! She has a fresh new idea of Connecting people that might not otherwise have connected . I vote for this show

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