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I Can't Wait To Tell You is a podcast designed to, simply put, help people live a better life and be a better human. In this day and age, we are so "go,go,go" and work, work,work...that we sometimes forget about taking care of ourselves and having FUN. My podcast is a whole new look at what life really should be like: easy and fluid-filled with good health, money, and as much rest and there is hustle. Episodes currently contain content and interviews on everything from the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics to veganism to the life of an entrepreneur. This podcast does not have one niche, more so a general theme of anything I wish I had known years ago when I was extremely lost and anxious. At the end of each episode, as long as someone feels as though they learned, and feels HAPPIER than when the show started, that is all I can ask for :)

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