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Hi all! My name's Bettye, and I am here today to pitch my radio show.A couple of months ago, I had a random thought to do a vlog or  blog and call it MONKEY MIND MISSIVES.  I just couldn't get off my mind. On the show I would talk randomly about stuff going on in my life, the world, anything . People I interview could  talk about their thoughts, the world or just random stuff they made up. It could be anything;  from insightful things to advice on how to 'stylishly' remove toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe while in public. Random thoughts, bizarre notions, and unconventional ideas  have always interested me to no end.Unfortunately, I became stuck. I went nowhere with this massively amazing idea. But then, a friend sent me this contest link to check out. I did exactly that and now, here I am, posting my entry!I really, really, do think that this would be a amazing show that *many* people would like. The type that even if the person didn't know quite what to make of it initally; after a few listens, they'd come back again and again!So, what're your thoughts on the concept of monkey mind and my potential show? Tap that like button and share your thoughts below! Thank you!

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You matter (Posted 2018-08-20 19:19:00)

Your opinions matter. I look forward to connecting with everyone about their "Monkey Mind"! With gratitude, Bettye

Neat (Posted 2018-08-18 14:06:13)

Neat idea. Good luck Bettye !!

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