The Value of Virtue with Kim Forrester

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Kindness | Forgiveness | Gratitude | Creativity | Assertiveness | Happiness Hi. I’m Kim Forrester and I want to talk to you about the true value of virtue. When you look out into the world and see what’s happening, on the news, or online, or even in your own community, it’s easy to believe that you are somehow disconnected – separate – from what you see. But the truth is that every single one of us, as individuals, are threaded into the world around us. That's why, on my show, I will discuss the universal value of virtue, interviewing researchers, experts, and social leaders to understand exactly why virtue is good for us - physically, emotionally and socially - and to offer practical advice on how to integrate and amplify these drops of goodness in our daily lives. A society imbued with honesty, compassion and temperance arises when individuals choose to embody, amplify and reward these virtuous traits in themselves, their friends, neighbors and leaders. My hope is that, with the help of VoiceAmerica, I can help inspire and enable more people to understand the power of goodness - of virtue - and make it a priority in their lives and their world. Thank you.

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Drops of Kindess (Posted 2018-08-15 17:54:05)

Kim, I love the way you wrote about this value, this everyday opportunity - of kindness. Being it. Seeing it. Feeling it. Sharing it. Knowing it. And always, amplifying it. YOU are that my friend. I will listen to any show you do - anywhere, anytime.

Yes! I love this (Posted 2018-08-15 00:04:04)

I love how Kim talks about virtues in a very grounded, practical and inspiring way. Making it easy and fun to integrate this in daily life. Can’t wait to hear more.

Love it (Posted 2018-08-14 20:25:06)

Kim - Love this. The world needs much more of this!

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