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I propose hosting a program that celebrates the reemergence of Women in our world and explores divine feminism's history dating back thousands of years. The program would also examine a man's role and his changing values in this new epoch. Women are rising everywhere to stop violence and wars and iniquity on every continent. As we experience the death rattle (violent thought it may be) of 2,000 years of patriarchal privilege, we are also witnessing the dawning of the next great epoch of the Divine Feminine. Women everywhere are on the move, looking out for themselves, their sisters and children as they insist on a world in which the golden apples of the sun and the silver apples of the moon are shared equally with all genders. In that dawning, we can also also support men who can change, connect with their own divine feminine interiors and contribute to this new world. Guests would include luminaries from the arts, entertainment, business, education, spirituality, sports, science and health. For example, Jean Houston, Pema Chodron, Barbara Annis, Sheryl Sandberg, Mirabai Starr, Dr. Rama Maniand Rita Dove would be early guests. I would call on poetry and story to spark original exchanges and shadow-connecting between the veils. I would also use them as bridges from one unlikely destination to another. I have radio experience (Jefferson Public Radio in Southern Oregon), as well as experience as an author, teacher, performer and public speaker.

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