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Explore how addiction is more than just alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex or shopping. We can be addicted to our significant others, our habits, our thoughts, our behaviour patterns, our hobbies, working out and even our religion. The show would follow the format of a 12 step program meeting. The guest would introduce themselves “Hii my name is “name” and I’m Addicted to “state addiction”. We would then share personal life stories regarding the topic and then open it up to a caller to share theirs. Lastly, I’d share a final thought, something about the topic, something the audience can take with them that can make their life a little better.

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Looking forward to it! (Posted 2018-09-22 07:58:03)

Speaking from experience, coach Angel helped me through my addictions (drugs, alcohol

Detox Show (Posted 2018-08-06 23:46:42)

I think you have a great concept here and I look forward to seeing how well you do in this contest. Keep pushing it out and make sure that your friends and family as well as your colleagues view, like and share on all social media platforms....

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