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Joshua T. Berglan's Gratitude:UnFiltered is a show about finding light in the darkest of realities. Mental Health, Homelessness, Heartbreak, Disease, Sexual and Physical Abuse, Addiction, Abandonment, and Betrayal are just some of life's challenges and this show is about finding gratitude in spite of it all. Our guest share stories of overcoming, their passions and purpose while the host, Joshua T. Berglan and his co-host Catie Raey discuss uncomfortable truths. The show is inspiring, uplifting and shocking. Joshua has a history of famous guest on his show but the new version of the show will feature billionaires, world-famous motivational speakers, celebrities, business people and random people from his life. Joshua is a television, radio and event host, Master of Ceremonies, a speaker, and a” Dream Designer” as CEO of Live Mana Worldwide, which means supporting others in discovering their vision or laying out the strategic plan to assist others in achieving their full potential for themselves or product. Joshua also specializes in brand development and partnerships. Considered to be a “master connector”and “dream designer” , Joshua T. Berglan has a gift for creating synergy between the products, brands, and people he represents. He utilizes his business development experience and esteemed connections to birth strategic partnerships and promotes those with whom he works.

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