Pure Calamity: Failure is the mother of reinvention

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What is the Pure Calamity podcast? 
It’s a business podcast that proves failures are the mother of reinvention. Each weekly episode will feature expert interviews, easy-to-implement strategies, and behind-the-scenes secrets from regular entrepreneurs and household names on how they overcame the biggest mistakes of their careers and became successes. Why do you need to vote for this podcast? Because, after financial concerns, fear of failure is the second leading cause of why many individuals never turn their dreams into a reality. Think of all the amazing things these entrepreneurs could be bringing to the table that you and I are missing out on! All because they are afraid of failing. I want to use this weekly podcast platform as a way to redefine what failing means and show that it’s a badge of honor to try, fail, and pick yourself up again. With the help of your vote, we can bring this podcast to life and encourage more entrepreneurs to work through their issues and keep on fighting the good fight, rather than give up or, even worse, never try at all! 
It’s time there was a real and raw show out there that helped entrepreneurs redefine success and chase their dreams!

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KJ for the win!! (Posted 2018-07-29 14:55:41)

I would absolutely listen to a podcast from KJ. As a female entrepreneur I find her incredibly business savvy and her take on PR invaluable


Heck yes!! (Posted 2018-07-28 02:17:18)

This sounds like something I would LOVE to listen to ah! Such a great idea - you’re brilliant :) Crossing my fingers that you win! - Alexa V


Hell yes (Posted 2018-07-27 17:14:20)

All of the what-ifs should not interfere with pursuing our dreams! This is definitely needed!

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