Could YOU Win VoiceAmerica's Talk Radio Host Contest?

GRAND PRIZE: Your Own TALK RADIO SHOW or PODCAST including an Executive Producer, Full Production Staff, Marketing, Branding, Social Networking, and an Ad Sales Team, valued at more than $7,500.

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Every Contestant receives a bunch of cool stuff from our Partners and Sponsors. 
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Everyone who enters will be eligible to receive and win PRIZES from top podcast operators, social media outlets and marketing firms ranging from $300 to $5,000.

To ENTER simply submit a short video about your show and create a Contestant Profile.

If you’ve thought about hosting Your own TALK RADIO SHOW or PODCAST, or already have one but want to go PRO, then CLICK the Enter Now Button and get started!


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How the Competition Works

This isn't a competition about how great you are now. We want to find out how great you can become!

The Process is Easy:

(1) Fill in all of the Data on the Entry Form. Not everything is required, but the more you put in the more we can help promote you as a Contestant.

(2) Create and Submit a 1-3 minute Video Demo. This could be you interviewing a guest, doing your podcast, interviewing someone on the street, talking to your Mom, or just speaking into the camera like the world was your audience. Why is your soon-to-be-show better than everyone else's?

(3) Once you're approved, let the Contest begin!

(4) There are TWO ROUNDS of voting in this Contest.

ROUND ONE: The Public -- you have from the time you are approved until the closing of Public Voting every waking hour to promote yourself and get people to not just VOTE for you, but to take you to viral utopia and score you more points via Social Media.

ROUND TWO: The top 10 Vote and Points Scoring Contestants go into the ROUND TWO, not just for the Overall, but for each Category. Round Two is by Blind Judging -- meaning our panel of broadcast and media experts judge each entry and no one knows who voted for who and why. However, they are encouraged to make positive comments to help you with your pursuits which we'll share with you. So like a free evaluation by gurus!

Everyone who completes the Entry process is going to score some prizes, and they're starting to add up! So take a chance on going Pro if you're already doing the DIY thing, or if you're totally new, the playing field is pretty even and worst case you'll have fun, generate new leads for your business and get some free stuff!

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