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Greetings, Aspiring Radio Hosts! We have extended the contest submission period to September 15th! 

Get your voices ready! It’s time for the Summer 2018 VoiceAmerica Radio Show Contest!

The Contest winner will be part of the VoiceAmerica Fall Launch of new shows!

GRAND PRIZE: VoiceAmerica will create YOUR podcast

Pre-recorded OR live radio show, complete with Executive Producer, Full Production Staff, Marketing, Branding, Social Networking, AND an Ad Sales Team!

Check out the winner of the last contest HERE

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EVERY Contestant who enters will receive a signed copy of “Finding Your Frequency,” by VoiceAmerica CEO and Founder, Jeffrey Spenard.

EVERYBODY who enters or votes may be eligible to receive and WIN prizes from top podcast operators, social media outlets, and marketing firms!

 To ENTER, simply submit a short video about your show and create a Contestant Profile! 

If you’ve ever thought about hosting your own Talk Radio Show or Podcast – Or if you already have one but it’s time to go PRO – then click ENTER NOW and get started!


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How the Competition Works


This isn’t a competition about how great you are NOW. We want to find out how great you can become! 


1st place: 13-Week Live or Recorded Podcast via VoiceAmerica, and a one-on-one session with VoiceAmerica CEO Jeffrey Spenard. 

2nd place: 4-Week Recorded Podcast via VoiceAmerica, and a one-on-one session with VoiceAmerica CEO Jeffrey Spenard 

3rd place: 1-Week Podcast and a one-on-one session with a VoiceAmerica Executive Producer 

ALL Entrants: A signed copy of “Finding Your Frequency” by Jeffrey Spenard 


(1) Fill Out the Entry Form – Be Creative! 

(2) Create and submit a one- to three-minute demo video. Interview a guest! Interview someone on the street! Talk to your Mom! Or just speak into the camera like the entire world is your audience. Why is YOUR soon-to-be-show a winner? 

(3) Once you’re approved, let the contest begin! 

(4) There are TWO ROUNDS of voting in this contest: 

a. ROUND ONE: Public Voting – The general public gets to vote for you! The more they share your video on Social Media, the more POINTS you’ll get! You have from the moment of your approval until the closing of public voting to promote yourself and get others to do the same! Go viral! 

b. ROUND TWO: Closed Voting -- The Top 10 most popular videos in each category will be judged by our panel of broadcast experts judge each and every entry. But they are encouraged to make positive comments that we’ll share with you, to help you with your pursuits. It’s like a FREE evaluation by gurus!

EVERYBODY who submits a video will win SOME prizes! If you’re already doing podcasts, go pro with us! If you’re brand-new, the playing field is even! All entrants will have fun, generate new leads for their business, and win some free stuff! What do you have to lose?

Submissions will be accepted until August 15th, with Public Voting beginning shortly thereafter.

Can’t wait to see what you dream up!

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Here are some of the Latest Contestants

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Cosette Leary

3 31 0

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Casey Edward

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2 164 186

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Kim Forrester

3 171 1

Cook Like A. Champion New TV Studio (In progress)

Chef Ace Champion

3 54 50


Robert McDowell

0 12 0

The What's Your Excuse? Show

Maxwell Ivey

2 161 24


Angel Santiago

2 65 167

Finding America

chris epting

1 162 2191

The big d zone

Deshon Porter

0 17 1

Joshua T. Berglan's Gratitude:UnFiltered

Joshua Berglan

0 17 0

Pure Calamity: Failure is the mother of reinvention

KJ Blattenbauer

6 78 1


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